This is Battle Planets presented by FuryOne. Enjoy an array of stylistic content from your favorite genres; Classical MMO dungeons and raids, A Simulated Action RPG pace, Credit Oriented Rounds of Free Roaming Capture the Flag, Mechanized Operation Sector Control which includes air vehicles and assets based on map layout and team composition, and our 'Battle Royale' Rumble of 8 man teams requiring simultaneous annihilation before elimination whilst building your team strength in the environment areas in our Multiplayer Battle Arena. Meta gameplay includes territorial control by randomly named and generated AI Factions on inhabited planets; build your organization and work with a planetary agency to progress into end game content.
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  • Battle Planets Pre-Order is available. Limited Access will begin before February.
  • V1.02 includes Singleplayer AI showcase.
  • V1.03 will include multiplayer gamemode Ground CTF Skirmish


  • Optimized with Unreal Engine 4 technology. Enjoy 4k to .512k resolutions with lighting preference tuned to enhance your experience. As well as VR ready game mechanics.


  • PvP Ground CTF Skirmish, Battle Planets Conquest
  • Stronghold PvE and PvP meta, Solar Resource Acquisition
  • Digital Currency based on our competitive standards
  • VR ready game mechanics, ease of pace Action RPG gameplay

Run & Deploy

  • V1.02 expect periodic website downtimes.
  • No password reset or account management right now.
  • If you have an account management issue please email